Here are Tree House Friends, we are an Outdoor Nursery & Forest School based in Trent Park, Cockfosters, and also Enfield Town Park. We provide an opportunity for toddlers of 24 months+ to adventure in the great outdoors. 

Our Mission


We are on a mission to give children their childhood back. We want them to discover the real world with fascination, singing and dancing in the rain with giggles that you can hear a mile away. Because what matters most in a child’s development is not how much information we stuff into their brains. What matters instead, is giving our children the opportunity to be the best version of themselves, so when they grow up, they have an understanding of what community is all about, the importance of mental health and how to deal with difficult situations through self-control, curiosity and confidence that will develop a sense of trust and security as they grow to reach their full potential in life.

After all it is the duty of all of us, as family members, communities, civil society and governments to ensure that childhoods are respected and protected.

Stefanie Thann

Founder of The Tree House Friends - Outdoor Nursery & Forest School

07445 093 585



Human Resources


At Tree House Friends we aim to have a high quality staff team that act at all times in the best interests of
children’s safety and welfare. To achieve this we have a range of policies to support the recruitment,
development and retention of staff.
The nursery’s policies in respect of personnel are governed by the following:
• The best interests of the children, their welfare, safety, care and development
• The requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage
• The needs of the children, including maintaining continuity of care
• Compatibility between all members of staff and the building of a good team spirit
• Consideration of the advancement of each member of staff both by internal and external training to
help them achieve their maximum potential
• Equal pay for work of equal value
• Compliance with the current legislation including the principles of the Equality Act 2010 and all current
legislation governing discrimination


           Continuous Professional Development

We value our staff highly. We believe that personal and professional development is essential for maintaining the delivery of high-quality care and learning for children in their early years. It underpins all aspects of positive interactions and activities planned for children.
In the interests of the nursery, the children, their families and the individual we give every staff member the opportunity to develop their skills to their maximum and to broaden their knowledge and skills in caring for children. A comprehensive and targeted programme of professional development ensures practitioners are constantly improving their understanding and practice. High-quality professional supervision is provided, based on individual performance related targets, consistent and sharply focused observation and evaluations of the impact of staff’s practice.

Therefore we have 4 CPD days during the year.