Our forest school sessions run from 9 am to 3 pm, Monday to Friday. In our Enfield Town Park setting we also offer Monday to Wednesday from 8am until 4 pm. Please contact us for details.

We all meet at our pick up and drop off point in the morning to prepare for our outdoor adventure. Once we are equipped for the day, we head off to the woodland area. We start each day by having a little circle time, planning with the children. We share ideas and decide on some of the things the children would like to do that day.

On some days we build a temporary shelter if needed with them to protect us from rain, give us shade and a cosy corner for resting. We involve our kids to check the site with us and a risk assessment is completed. The day is then a mixture of child-led exploration and play, which includes activities.​


Digging and Climbing

​Rope swings and bridges

Sowing sun flowers and growing beans​​

​Building snowmen

​Play hide and seek


​Minibeast hunts

​Birdwatching and finding animal homes

​Pond dipping


​Leaf pictures

​Painting and making kites

​Making perfume & creating magic potions

​Weaving grasses and willow wands

​Little habitats and dens for all those creatures

​Singing & Ryhming



Muddy pies

​Story telling

Discovering Fairies

and many, many more adventures.


Adult interactions are sensitive, making sure the children are supported when necessary and empowered to direct their own learning and achieve their own goals. Some days we go back to the club for a hot lunch or eat a picnic in the woods.

We vary the activities throughout each day and week so that the children are always stimulated. However, we revisit activities if the children wish to do so.

An important part of every day is reflection time, where the children think back over, and talk about, their session. This is done in a variety of ways depending on the children and may be based on making a picture or a collection of artefacts. This is used as a basis for planning follow up sessions.


It is essential that your child is dressed appropriately every day they come to into the woods. Dress them in layers, especially in Winter.


Please check here to on guidance of what to wear. A fresh and healthy snack is provided.

Please provide your child with:

A little back pack

​Water bottle

Packed nutritious lunch