At Tree House Friends, we provide additional outdoor events and experiences for the kids we entertain but we also cater for kids not enrolled as a way of showing you what we are about and to increase your outdoor experiences you are having with your children.


Take a look at some of the events we offer, some of which are free to attend.

  • Whether you need emergency care or want to book your little one an extra day on, this is how you can do it! Please always provide spare clothes and a healthy lunch for your little one. And ALWAYS dress your child as warm as possible. After school club includes afternoon tea.
  • Learn how to make your own wreath for Christmas, Autumn or Halloween with our lovely Janine. All outdoors - socially distanced, covid friendly. To ensure everyones safety, please bring your own secateurs.
  • St. Nikolaus is visiting us each year in the woods. If you want your child to attend and it's normally not in on this day, please register your child's visit to ensure, we have enough gifts on the day.
  • A short lantern walk for families in Trent Park for Remembrance Day